Step1 – Uni

In order to be in the Erasmus framework, the university staff needs to take some steps into this direction.

In short, as a sending institution, these steps would be:

  • Assign a coordinator for the Erasmus programme, or even more than one (you can often find one Erasmus coordinator for incoming students, and another one for outgoing students)
  • Apply for the EUC by filling in the application form, and also attaching an European Policy Statement
  • Upon the awarding of the Erasmus University Charter, the university is eligible to sign Partnership Agreements with other universities inside the framework
  • These agreements state the period of the agreement, the number of students/staff members that can take part in the programme, etc.
  • The university is then able to know how many students/staff members can go abroad, and it should organize a transparent contest in order to see which of them are most eligible to be in the Erasmus framework.
  • In the meantime, while the selection process is ongoing, the university can engage in applying for money that will benefit those that will take part in the programme, with the sole goal of giving them a financial boost, in order to cope with their new situation of living abroad. This is an optional step, because students/staff can also go abroad on a zero-grant base, but it would be illogical to give away this opportunity.
  • Depending on the rules instated by the National Agency (i.e. minimum amount of money per student), the institution can also announce how many people will get a financial support as well. The others can go abroad as well, if they can take care of their financial needs.
  • The institution should now have a final list with people that are going to go abroad. It should give them a hand in providing them with the necessary forms and other needs (visas, insurance, etc.), and wait for the approval from the hosting institution.
  • Upon their return, the institution should fill in their transcripts with the courses they had abroad, and find the equivalent courses between the foreign ones and the ones that they were supposed to have at the home institution.

As a hosting institution:

  • The coordinator should check the incoming students and their papers, and accept them or not
  • Optionally, change the learning agreement if the courses have changed before their arrival at the hosting institution
  • Provide them with all necessary information in order to make their stay as less troublesome as possible.
  • Upon departure, you should provide them with all necessary paperwork (transcripts, etc.)




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