We have time

Today I’ve been put to the wall by Octavian Paler’s death. He was a Romanian poet, writer, well-known journalist and editorialist, a spectator of the political and cultural phenomena, but nevertheless… in my own words… not only a believer, but also the reality-maker.

Listening to his thoughts and comparison on every talk-show was so moving, due to his strong arguments that sometimes all the time it made you think and analyse more and more.

Little is left to be said now, but even more should be sad. Like him, there have to be more. It simply has to!

We have time
poem by Octavian Paler

We have time for everything.
To sleep, to run around
to regret that we’ve done wrong and to do wrong again
to judge others and to forgive ourselves
we have time to read and to write
to correct what we have written and regret what we have written
we have time to do projects and not to stick to them
we have time to cherrish illusions and search their ashes later.

We have time for ambitions and diseases
to blame destiny and details
we have time to watch the clouds, the ads or whatever accident
we have time to chase the questions away
to postpone answers
we have time to break a dream and reinvent it
we have time to make friends, to lose them
we have time to take lessons and to forget them afterwards
we have time to receive gifts and not understand them.
We have time for it all.

There is not time but for a little tenderness.
When we do this as well, we die.

I have learned that some things in this life that I’m sharing with you !!
I have learned that you cannot make somebody to love you.
All you can do is to be a loved person.
The rest… depends on the others.
I have learned that no matter how much I care
others might not care at all.
I have learned that it takes years to win the trust and only a few seconds to lose it.
I have learned that it doesn’t matter WHAT you have in life
but WHO you have.
I have learned that you get by and that the charm is worth for 15 minutes
afterwards, however, it would be better to really know something.
I have learned that you don’t have to compare yourself with what others can do better
but with what you can do.
I have learned that it doesn’t matter what happens to people
but what I can do to solve it.

I have learned that anyway you cut it
anything can have two sides.

I have learned that you have to say goodbye from the dear ones with warm words.
It might be the last time you see them.

I have learned that you can go on for a long time
after you said that you can’t do it any longer.

I have learned that heroes are those that do what it is needed, when it is needed
no matter the consequences.

I have learned that there are people who love you
but do not know how to show it.

I have learned that when I’m upset I have the RIGHT to be upset
but not the right to be mean as well.

I have learned that true friendship continues to exists even when you are far away
and this is true even for true love.
I have learned that, if somebody doesn’t love you the way you want
it doesn’t mean that you’re not being loved from the bottom of the heart.
I have learned that no matter how good a friend is to you
he will hurt you from time to time anyhow
and you have to forgive him for that.

I have learned that not always it is enough to be forgiven by others.
Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.
I have learned that no matter how much you suffer
the world will not stand still for your pain.

I have learned that the past and the circumstances could influence your personality
yet YOU are responsible for what you become.
I have learned that, if two people are fighting, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other
and also if they don’t fight, it doesn’t prove that they love each other.
I have learned that sometimes you have to put the person itself on the first place
and not the actions.

I have learned that two people can look at the same thing
and can see something totally different.
I have learned that no matter the consequences
those who are honest with themselves get farther in life.

I have learned that your life can be changed in a matter of hours
by people that don’t even know you.

I have learned that even when you believe that there’s nothing left to give
when a friend calls for you, you will find the strength to help him.

I have learned that writing
as well as speaking
can comfort grief.

I have learned that people that you care about the most
are taken away to quickly…

I have learned that it is too hard for you to realize
where to draw the line between being kind, not hurting people and to speak up for your opinions.

I have learned to love
so that I can be loved.


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