What I did yesterday…

First of all, I put this post in “Trips” because I’ve realized that even if I was still in Łódź, it was actually outside the city somehow.

The Western part of the city is actually cut off from the main city. There are lots of busses and all, but they have been “enlighted” themselves even before the revolution. That the living should be done somewhat outside the city, since there’s no gain to be 5 minutes away from your work, but live in a noisy environment. We (Romanians) haven’t understood that! Nor did we understand a simple fact – that many things nowadays can be solved just by sitting on your computer, in your home!!! And we are supposed to be good IT people… aycks!

So… to give you an idea… from the North side, where the dormitory is, to the West side… you will travel at least 1 hour by bus, with almost no traffic at all!

Yes, it’s not a residential area. There are only, or mostly, blocks of flats. With schools, banks, restaurants, etc.

The way I see it… it’s like a small city, very near to a main city. The best thing about it is that, it is quiet, nice-looking, cleaner… somewhat… not Łódź. The only thing that it is missing is… culture I guess. That part was built beginning the late 1980s, so…

Then… I understood that I was kind of right about the TV options. All Polish stations have no programme in another language, and if they were produced in another language, they are dubbed. One voice per programme! Then you have foreign stations. Discovery stations with Polish dubbing, MTV in Polish, National Geographic in Polish, etc. No subtitles whatsoever! Then you have the exceptions to the rule: DW-TV, CNN, NBC, … mostly live news channels, therefore impossible to bring dubbing to them!

Not to mention that I’ve realized yet another thing. DVDs – the same! I think that most of the people are waiting for the DVDs to be dubbed, and then rent it or download a torrent of the Polish dubbed version. It’s not like… new movie – download the torrent & watch it, or wait for polish subtitles. Not 100% sure about this. It is just a supposition, but I think it is a good one.

Next thing, information for Romanians: fac şi ei vişinată! Şi al naibii de bună! :)

Then… weird omelet =) I don’t know if it is a general thing, but yesterday omelet meant “sweet omlet” (in fact, pancake… but not our thin pancakes, but thick pancakes)… you mix eggs with white flower and milk… then you eat it with gems! It was good, but really too much for supper!

What else?.. Got a present for Man’s Day =)

Hmm… I know one more street in the city :) Even if it meant running late, though it was the shortest way to get to the “meeting point” :p

Once more, I didn’t get off at the correct busstation. It must be like the 5th time, at least :p

Hmm… and last, but not least… I succeeded in showing someone that Romanian is really easy to learn (pronounciation that is :) )


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