Good idea/Bad idea but still… heaven! =)

IMG_0913IMG_0901Good idea: buy & bring beer! Don’t forget the cheese chips!

Bad idea: put it in the freezer to “chill” quickly. This is what George had instead of beer =))) Half beer, 1/4 beer ice and another 1/4 beer foam!

Heaven: always have beer around you ;) Especially when you cook! It will make the cooking such a much nicer experience :p



3 Responses to “Good idea/Bad idea but still… heaven! =)”

  1. Xavier Says:

    little remark; I agree that it is good to have a beer near to you BUT and I stress the “BUT” don’t call Heineken a beer!
    I repeat: Don’t call Heineken a beer!!!!

    We, Belgian people, have a bad relation with this “beer” from Holland. If you want to taste real BEER, then come to Belgian once (and make it a trip of, let’s say at least a week) and I will show you how BEER taste!

    So, this is an invitation for you, let me knwo when you come, and I will guide you through the “real world of the beer!”

    FUCK OFF Heineken! At least drink a Polish beerbrand! ;)

  2. Xavier Says:

    By the way, learn more about the Belgian beers on

  3. Andrie Says:

    hahahahaha :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    right!.. you may be right! Rux,my friend who’s now in Finland, said the same thing about Belgium (Belgian Erasmus there as well)!

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