IMG_0911Ok… I may not be a master, but I think I can manage when it comes to food.

And, if others are really in a hurry, or are simple confused about what to do, then I’ve decided to be there for you :P

No, I won’t act like the super-hero who comes to the rescue… I’ll just share my crazy/stupid ideas of cooking.

I will start with the last one, and then continue with future and past ones (I’ve taken photos of each :D ).

Oh, and there will be no names for them =)

This one on the right goes like this:

  1. 1/4 of one paprika, and 125g of pasta (I’ve been using Barilla no. 5 – I know, very picky). When the pasta is half done (almost after 4 minutes), you put the chopped paprika in the same water with the pasta, and let it boil along. During and after the boiling, you can add any spices you want, but do add salt and a bit of oil (any type) while boiling. Afterwards add some olive oil and salt.
  2. Take 100-150g of whatever semi-prepared meat you have (that is… not raw meat. I have used some sort of veal bacon – hard to tell with all of this Polish around :p ). You take a spoon of butter, and you warm it up in the pan, then you add the chopped “meat”. You add basil, oregano and pepper as you wish, and you cook until the oil has vanished. Then add two full spoons of tomato sauce (concentrate) and put one cup and a half of water. Add more spices as you wish, and cook until the sauce has the desired consistency.
  3. You can slice some cucumber as well – it will blend well with the spicy sauce!
  4. Enjoy!

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