IMG_0844I’m sure that Xavier will remember this =) And it is Cătă’s finding, not mine. But I cooked it :p

  1. Take as much liver as you want to it :) We have chosen “cow liver” but I’m sure it would be the same with other types as well. Cut it into pieces, the size of two spoons. The following will be sized for 3 people!
  2. You will need 3+1 average-size onions that you could chop in half and then slice the halves, so that you get onion-sticks.
  3. You will also need a “family” of garlic beans =) (very poetic expression). Chop the garlic as you want, but not too small.
  4. Put the 3 onions in a pan, with oil and cook until the onions are glassy – just before they get soft.
  5. Put a cup of water, and then the garlic and the liver in the pan. Put the cap on the pan.
  6. When the water if half done (like after 10 minutes), add any spices you want. We added parsley, mixed pepper and dill. Do not add salt yet!
  7. Let it cook for some more time, without the cap on (some more 15 minutes), add some salt and the other onion.
  8. In about 15 minutes, it should be ready. Do not throw the onions or the garlic – they are perfectly eatable :) enjoy!
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2 Responses to “Liver”

  1. Xavier Says:

    Yes, I can confirm that this won’t kill you!

    No no.. serious.. it was very very good!

    BTW, on my blog we also added some of our “experimental” meals. They are in dutch, but if you want we can translate them for you… Try them, they are GOOD!

  2. Andrie Says:

    :) ok.. after Easter I will try 2 recipes of yours! Deal!

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