I’ve got a mail from Agata, with a message from Monika, a student at International Relations Faculty.

She was asking foreign students to fill in a survey called Climate of Lodz “to see how international visitors (as You!) see Lodz after their staying in the city.”

I couldn’t help but send her some nice comments as well, after filling in the survey. =)

Comments for question no. 3

It’s funny how you think of art festivals, when the hotel industry is not that great here!

Though the municipality cannot build hotels and other accommodation places per-say, they can actually provide the economical environmental to give a boost – lower taxes, special benefits, act as a mediator between central-area owners and the future investors, etc.

It’s surreal to think about international art festivals, when the venues here seem to be… wobbly.

That’s why I’ve chosen art&conference complex.. Since you have hotel(s), restaurant(s), etc.

Aqua park – ok… how feasible is this?.. You actually build an aqua park when you have lots of people with money, or lots of tourists.. and you want their money and also to create some jobs, right?!… Hmm.. did I live in another world, or did I not hear correctly that even if Lodz is the second biggest city in Poland, it is actually one of the cities at the bottom of the list when it comes to development and living-standard, etc ?!

Not to mention that you have already the fun-areas – the parks.. though I could say that you could do more about them, in order to attract money through them. Quick example: open-air cinema during spring-summer?!

Q no. 4

I voted 0 for CITY OF CARTOON because… what does that mean?!

Plus… post-industrial climate?!?!? — it’s interesting to hear that this city was a powerful industrial center.. ONCE:…. in the past!.. It can be in history books, on “tablica”, near Manufaktura… but it brings not added value to the whole city whatsoever!

To put it in a better light: can you tell me which is the difference between “simple-LODZ”, with no past industry… let’s say that it was just an average, almost unknown city in the past… and “past-industrial-LODZ” !?…

What is the difference that you make in a foreigner’s mind… if he/she sees LODZ as it is now… without being told anything related to its industrial past… and if he/she sees LODZ and finds out that you had fabrics industry, etc, etc. ? I don’t think he/she will say “Ohh.. really?.. how fascinating!.. I will tell all my friends to come to this past-industrial place.. and see it!”

city for weekend trips —-. com’on! you must be joking, right?… come and visit the city + visit manufaktura + do unexpensive shopping??

every erasmus will tell you that the prices here range from 5-10% less than in their home countries, and up to 5-10% more than in their home countries

… and excuse me.. you want to become the European City of Culture with Manufaktura?!?!

Q. no 5

first thing that comes to my mind —- in order to become a real European City of Culture, in order to make the visit of the foreigners as pleasurable as possible…. tell me what will it be like if you go into the town as an English speaker?!?!…. I can give you a boost – 99% of the sellers will not be able to communicate with you. Not even in your heavenly place called Manufaktura!

Q. no 6

HARD TO SAY at all questions.. because.. pardon my French… it’s bullshit!

This is the kind of aggressive (yet very utopic) marketing that we’ve been complaining about since we arrived in LODZ, after seeing “lodz in all its glory, on the Internet” back home.

Let me take the text from the website piece by piece:

a. “The economic upsurge involves the cultural reviviscence. This is one of the reasons why our city proves to be prepared well enough to become the European Capital of Culture 2016.”

I’m sorry to tell you that economy and culture doesn’t go hand in hand per-say. It is true that without a good economy to back you up, you cannot fully support culture! Another thing: remember “well enough” for just a second.

b. “Lodz does not only meet all the requirements essential to gain this title but can also boast about the characteristics which are fundamental for the European Capital of Culture program. Winning of this prestigious status would undoubtedly bring even more opportunities for development, and prove a watershed in the history of the city.”

Weren’t you saying just a second ago.. that you are prepared “well enough”.. and… how come you can bring added value to the meaning of the ECC, if actually the ECC will bring more opportunities for development!?… Hmm.. I know that there can be a win-win situation, but there cannot be a bidirectional “live-saving” process! ECC boosting Lodz development, and Lodz boosting the concept of ECC! Trust me… if you do that.. you will reinvent the wheel!

c. “Lodz possesses an interesting and manifold cultural heritage, which is primarily embodied by the ample museum collections. The artistic output is probably best represented by the Lodz avant-garde as the group’s activity influenced not only Poland but also the whole world.”

Really?.. a cultural heritage?… While I’m sure that it is like that, since it is not a new city.. therefore it has history, thus also heritage… hmm… maybe you would also want to tell me that Manufaktura is such a heritage, since everywhere you go.. you hear Manufaktura, Galeria, Piotrkowska…. Nice heritage! I concur!

About the logo — overused concept! and colors.. hmm.. nice kitsch after the TOGETHER logo of the UE, not to mention hippie era, etc. etc.

About the gadgets —- ok.. cups, everybody does that… and they will be used I’m sure.. but they will be used indoors! therefore not much exposure, then you have the T-shirts… again.. get real! nobody would wear the T-shirts.. except those who cannot get other shirts!.. and the others will maybe – maybe! – where them during the opening of the festivities! then… caps – right! .. same as T-shirts!

There are other ideas in order to market this.. but the office didn’t strive to find them!.. And I’m sorry.. but I’m not going to put them down here! Just remember.. one of them: long-time of use, but no exposure.. the other two: great exposure, short-time of use, if any!

– I’m sorry but you will have to work big time – socially speaking, for 2016.
– I didn’t expect to see this aggressive style of marketing, again! Stop the lies!
– Very few English speakers in public places!
– People drinking on the streets from morning till next morning. I’m not kidding and I’m not with bad intentions!… At 3 PM.. 3 guys jumped from a taxi.. I would have given them a 9 on a scale 1-10, where 10 is being “dead-drunk”. And remember.. 3PM. The same.. you can see during the day people with a beer in their hand! Unbelievable! Why can’t they go inside a place?! I know.. you will say: more expensive drinks!.. Ok… drink inside the house! Ohh.. ok.. you will tell me: “they cannot do that.. cuz they stink”….
– Not so good travel connections. Maybe because of the vicinity with Warsaw…
– Bad streets in the center of the town.. Not to mention how some bus/tram-drivers go!
– Hotels!
And the list could go on….

I’m sorry for the harsh tone, but once I’ve seen the text… I exploded :)
It was just a way of counter-reaction with the same intensity as I felt that I had been “pushed” into “liking Lodz”.

With all the honesty.. I hope you will be ECC in 2016, but I do hope that the society will change a great deal as well!

Do zobaczenia,

PS — I want to stress out that often in this email “YOU” means “you, the polish people” or more accurately “you, lodzania”, and not you personally! ;)


5 Responses to “Ankieta/Chestionar/Survey”

  1. me Says:

    i totally agree with you ,and 90% of the poles ,too.Believe me. ;)

    here is an article about Lodz in the biggest polish newspaper.,35153,4018210.html

    and it says exactly the same things ,you do ;)

    translate it here if you want


    the boom in lodz is coming ;)

  2. Andrie Says:

    Thanks for the link, “me”..

    I will try to put that article in some sort of English (Poltran translation):

    There is no doubt,, that lodz (boat) is city, which (who) wrestle with (from) many problems, and it serious than many others polish metropolises, which (who) yet and far from european leadership so.

    Discussion grants important role about our city presently carrying on unusually firstly, it helps to diagnose it problems – and inform public opinion it (them), it searchs for practical solutions for second (other) and cure individual questions priorytetyzuje. It is possible to carry impression, that society of lodz (boat) has achieved degree of civil maturity after a long time (a good while) some, in (to) surmounting sticking (lie) deeply tradition impulse (reflex) inertia PRL-owskiej and fatalism. No doubt, it desert active media more, growing strong of structure of local democracy, as well as general development of (evolution of) economic country, at the end of observable in lodz (boat) also. There is highest time on such discussion really, as lodz (boat), the first time, from quite a lot lat (summer; year), it receives chance on break of barrier limiting she (its; her; it) hitherto existing development (evolution). Perhaps, unimpressing, since long time it cure unsee economic recovery here and indeed they do not delete new prospects opened due to for european union incumbent city of ballast of past polish akcesji, nevertheless, investment instruments it unattainable until now, as well as important – that unusually psychological break certain on our eyes – performing, social barriers of impossibility, lodz (boats) give chance on all its own ” new distribute “, if it walks about its (her) role in country and in europe. If (or) this chance, it isn’t known given yet on as long, it will be taken advantage, first of all, it depends on lodz society, state of (condition of) consciousness and abilities to specifying of future purposes. Lodz (boat) stands, in my conviction, before fundamental three problems. It first of they social problem – residue monolithic, -working structures of cities industrial, for today in scratchy indices of (indicators of) education visible and low cultural activity and social average inhabitant. Surmounting of this load on generations this task rather, it is possible to lean it process actively and form, but will have conclusory meaning here and economic changes in region so getting (reach) and general conversions in polish society. Fatal external connections of communication lodz (boats) are problem second (other) in origin of city having source and for it (him) in principle by all state organisms before 1989 traditionally adverse infrastructural politics (policy) led present here – tsar’s russia and polish republic and polish people’s republic. Lat (summer; year) to important manner from several politician (politics; policy) begin change only, though amount of indispensable investment is still huge for affirmation of adequate metropolis of position in (to) national (local) transport network. However, it is possible to attempt affirmation, that it is in national (local) communication infrastructure presently more rather general already niedowładu than in nation-wide plans of development (evolution) conscious handicapping of lodz (boat) – though occasionally trends such are visible still. Somehow or other,, there is not question dependent on directly łodzian, as that first of all, decisions fall in this respect at the level of central. It is possible definitely and however, it belongs to effect it (him), in situation particularly, when they are irrational evidently and lodz (boats) harming, they harm interests of (businesses of) whole countries also ( as last time there was in case of (accidentally of) magic design slip of route page (s) 8 ). Meantime first of all, last problem depends on łodzian, but meaning , in spite of presently discussion carrying on, underestimate remains still; there is before esthetics of city. Peer at this question more widely suggest considerably than under corner of clearness of street only and on walls inscriptions. It combination of all element rather forming enclosing (enclose with) we area, then also urbanistyka, architecture, developing of square and state of (condition of) footpath. In lodz (boat) living for long time, people (people) accustom for enclosing (enclosing with), nevertheless, comparison leaves he (its; his; it) with optional european city it doubt state of (condition of) our city is very bad in respect esthetic, in order to tragic say. It this aspect exactly, but structural problems not, lodz (boat) is for foreigners of visitors most shocking. To be apprehended not want here evil (poorly) it does not walk about it, that frequent admiration of tourists are imitated over lodz architecture. However, there is admiration over unknown in city rather architectonic potential abroad sticking (lie) than over its (his) real beauty; curious, would like to take up residence what (which) percent of tourist in lodz (boat) on constant (solid) admiring lodz heritage? Two factors are implicated in lodz (boat) to fatal manner general esthetic chaos be sad norm in whole poland, on east european background negatively even differring, and particular uncare results in developing city, blatant even as on polish conditions. This second (other) phenomenon is result of many years investment stagnation, and also surprising lack consciousness social. Passivity results from it (him) many crews city equal ruling until now, as well as in whole łodzian, to observable manner unarticulating it problem. It belongs to say clearly, that city is not aspirate to bunch of european metropolis with (from) so neglected center in state (condition) forcefully. So, there is unusual thing, that that decorate on majority downtown street third or that remains fourth area unbuilt over (unbeen built over) and undeveloped, that streets such key in respect communication, as western, Narutowicza if (or) they look after clearing of rubble heavy war disruption boulevard nothing Piłsudskiego, if (or) at last it, that it is stripped majority of maintained (behaved) apartment-houses huge forceful architectonic protection and it falls in the form of chaotic exchange of window almost each day donation (victim) alteration oszpecających, it decorate skuwania if (or) bright paint mazania.

    Plan of rebuilding tragically hand it in (to) center of lodz (boat) from many brought up (come up) neglected enclosing of (enclosing with of) factory station first attempt of (test of) constructive interference recently, many lat (summer; year)! Regularization of center be it complicated (elaborate) and multijunction-type process requiring time, money and proper coordination of activity of investor, architects, inhabitants and city services. First of all, however, holistic this vision is indispensable, as it is possible in draft next some tens (any tens) lat (summer; year) downtown lodz (boat) zregenerować. It wide problem ten of (ten of) concrete question inclusive , e.g. as detain (halt) degradation of old architecture and fit her (it) for modern utilitarian standards simultaneously; as advise with (from) making difficult repair structure ownership residential; as solve problem of yard of well; as develop western street if (or) Narutowicza; as direct investments on fulfilling (performing) blank in building of center; as drive (cause) realize (accomplish) from before many in the form of square of paris commune partially urban concepts lat (summer; year) only if (or) however, there is condition traffic circle of solidarity widely such operation sine qua non zakrojony, holistic plan rewitalizacyjny, unfortunately, about which (who) as does not have tongue (speech) until now even. First of all, plan such is wanted for, in order to captivate all operations performed in (to) center to certain norms and direct part to advantageous for city it (them). at least it would allow to escape he (its; his; it) make difficult from one part considerably committing of such error be it , at least it be make difficult considerably committing of such error , as next apartment-house wyburzanie, clumsy repairs if (or) structure of inappropriate object for urban character of center, define destroying he (its; his; it) potential. He (it) could present consequent base from other part, methodical structural operations and ordinal, it define purposes shortly appointing – and long-term and manners of their realization. As great meaning has such plan, it is possible to be sure , changes by last decade in berlin comparing getting (reach), where curious accept very, rational program Planwerk Innenstadt, and in (to) acting chaotically and warsaw wybiórczo.

    Unfortunately, lack of such politics (policy) is visible. have seals (fillings) beside properly (suitable) on square of freedom wkomponowanej, there lat (summer; year) will will emerge from many blank patching ziejącą, we have curious example of building of part of northern boulevard considerably less also Piłsudskiego. Aim instead of behind assistance of proper forming of area and for creation of urban frame conditions of buildings, dignified this biggest artery of center, city has admitted for revolt pawilonowego, for enclosing (enclosing with) object completely inappropriate Billi, painful error commit at office building of philips recently – though building is enough architectonic wyciszony and it is inscribed to line of street, it be on huge put, very wide area, it will be isolated from neighbor building, there which (who) will will emerge in future. It be typically suburban, extensive manner of economy area and obvious error not only planning, and also esthetic. Only holistic, processed concept can preclude (prevent) in detail ago, that similar errors will be committed at next construction investments, which (who) will undergo intensification with certitude yet. Has to be deceived that, that only footpath zamiecenie, anti-semitic inscription zamalowanie and leaving all will convert (will exchange; will turn into) lodz (boat) to modern metropolis free market . However, disregard of ordinal operation would be stupidity. And so, on here task and now, in draft of year feasible if (or) two (two), fundamental refreshing of appearance of lodz street is. Answer on questions hard financial lack, which (who) will be hurled each for lodz (boat) tourist arriving. Is there on streets along curbs why sand filling łachy? Why 98 percent of square and it street traffic islands interlaced weeds and grass slush, but esthetic not considerably shrubs in maintenance simple (easy) and? Why nobody has thought about occupation of infinite boulevard Piłsudskiego, Mickiewicza if (or) tree Rydza-Śmigłego, ordering and area uczłowieczającymi? Unfortunately, custom has disappeared suffice (enough) to board in each european country in poland in kutno to train this general still ( ), go on west several hours, and see – even if in so sleepy city as frankfurt over oder – as it is possible to correct quality of life simple methods definitely and esthetics of enclosing (enclosing with). We will not hurdle problem of limited rate of social conversion and limits of investment centers (means). However, wasting is sin, it be ineffective utilization of capability, which (who) is available already. They let’s use with available solutions already lat (summer; year) it from several visual program – lasting vandalized city old impressing not only swing rewitalizacja NRD, but first of all, care of high quality of gotten solution. Even if as yet, we can not count on comparable funds, then nothing stands on barrier, in order to aim (tend) at similar standards, organization and in operation consequence. First of all, esthetics is derivative mentality, but resources not.

  3. Andrie Says:

    If you don’t know it yet, thank you very much for your input, “me”, whoever you are!
    Disagree or agree, or be neutral. I don’t care. Your feedback is very much welcome!
    You must be Polish, but are you from Lodz?

  4. Andrie Says:

    I’ve been doing my best to read the translation. I understood 90% of it.
    I think it raises calm and in-depth-analyzed issues.. so I hope that the Polish youth in Lodz, or at least some of them, are aware of what’s happening “next-door” and .. may it even be.. wishful thinking.. I hope that they will take charge!
    Once again, thanks for the article link! I didn’t get the forum link though.. it’s all in Polish again, so… :-??

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