“Western” Attitude

I was telling you yesterday evening about Western “Standards” in connection to our new laundry system.

Well… this morning I went back to the reception desk… told Marta (middle position between the reception people and the dormitory manager) about it, then we went to the dormitory manager. She kept on saying that the machines don’t work. Then htf?! do I wash my clothes?

I also told them that I used 6 PLN and that Dominique (the reception guy) put another 3 PLN.

Needless to say that the dormitory manager started to take the position of an electrical engineer… opening the coin-machines… taking cables out… and plugging them back in… asking me for 3 coins (?!?!!??! wtf?… she eventually went and got some coins on her own)…. then the machines didn’t start either…

Then Marta wanted to “put her hands on the matter”…

But the manager was too careful and said something “No, Marta… don’t touch… you’d break something…”

Right ;) as if there’s the specialist, and there’s the rookie!

Anyway… One of the coin-machines actually started working, so I started to put my clothes inside. I knew that I have detergent in the recipients of two machines, so I started to switch the recipients, so that I don’t have to put some more detergent – you can call me cheap-person, it’s ok… I can take it.

Then, “joke” from Marta… “uuu… men actually can think sometimes”

???????????????????? WHAT?

I am still not sure if I joked when I told her back that if she says that one more time I’m going to put the balsam from the recipient on her! It wasn’t a women-about-men issue, but a Poles-about-Romanians issue.

LATER EDIT in response to the comment from “me”

I didn’t look at it as a women-about-men issue, but a Poles-about-Romanians issue! I’m sure that she didn’t think of it this way, but since it was such not needed comment, it really got to me. For those who don’t know… so far… I was maybe the only one, or one of the few that gave her a flower on the International Women Day… and I am the only one that always says “put a smile on your face” or joke with her to make her smile.

Hmm… yes, “me”! I think you’re right. I have inferiority complexes and I am hyper-sensitive.

Pre-comment as coming from my friends: You don’t know shit about me =)

It’s like… we (Romanians) are far from perfect, but that’s not because we don’t think, but because we just want as much money as possible… so whenever there’s a chance, we just do crappy stuff so that more money is left for us. But this is almost like in the past now, since the structural funds that we’ll get from the EU are going to have a red-label on them: “Try doing something, and we’ll shit on you”

Ok… so then Marta: “You only used 6 zl, right?.. and now you are washing in two machines, so it’s ok, right?”
Me: “Yes, that’s right. But then again, Dominique also used 3 zl, so he should get them back”
Marta: “Yes, you’ve told me three times”
Me (in my mind): “Well, if I told you 3 times… why didn’t say to me at least once <Ok, we will handle Dominique’s money… you don’t have to worry!> ?”

One more thing… I was, you know, being respectful, so I was sitting there with the ladies – Marta and the manager –  for them to finish and to leave the laundry room all the three of us… then Marta says “You’re welcome”

I asked her to repeat three times… one time I didn’t hear… one time I didn’t believe my ears.

So… I am having problems with your system… I am still acting nice (believe me there’s always another way of dealing with things – I learned it from George, though it’s still not running in my blood) … Ok, we fixed the problem somehow. And ok… there’s no need for me to stay there…

But… you tell me “You’re welcome!” ??? As if I said “Thanks”? As if I should be in debt to you or something?

How come was it so hard to think of “We’re sorry for inconvenience, Andrei. But I’m glad we fixed it somehow for the moment. You don’t have to wait for us if you are busy…” ??????????????????????????????


4 Responses to ““Western” Attitude”

  1. George Says:

    [moderated]…man you should really stand up sometimes and make them understand that you/we are not stupid and you/we diserve to be shown some respect and not be treated like some pieces of shit. And it seems that sometimes they only learn the hard way…[moderated]
    [Reason for moderation: obvious! please don’t!]

  2. me Says:

    here my few words…

    You have inferiority complexes ,seem to be hyper-sensitive and take things to an unnecessary level….

    and that’s

    “It wasn’t a women-about-men issue, but a Poles-about-Romanians issue. It’s like…”

    just completly BS….

  3. Andrie Says:

    Reply to you, “me”, is now included in the post! Enjoy ;)

  4. Rux Says:

    i know you wanted me to say “you go boy!”, BUT… leaving aside the mixed nationalities context i agree :D
    and still, about the Dominique money deal she was rude. i would’ve said keep your fucking money, just get these fixed!
    gata mi-am dat si cu parerea desi nu vad relevanta masinilor de spalat in zen-ul meu :) can’t be bothered

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