Western “Standards”

This week, the laundry room got “upgraded”.

Instead of paying a deposit of 10 PLN at the reception desk… getting the laundry room key… washing our clothes… then getting back the deposit…

NOW you need to have coins with you… you ask for the key to laundry room… you put in your clothes… you put 3 PLN coins in some machines that control the electrical power to each washing machine…

& they are supposed to give you electrical power for 90 minutes, afterwards the machine stops.

My situation, this evening

I had a bulk of white clothes and another one of dark clothes.

I put everything in, plus detergent, etc.

Put the coins in… nothing. I said “Ok… it doesn’t work… but give me the money back…” The guy at the reception desk called the manager…

In the mean time he said that I should switch to another coin-machine, meaning also another washing machine. So… I took the most important bulk (dark) and moved it to another machine. Put in 3 PLN… nothing.

The guy came back… with 3 PLN… I told him that the second coin-machine doesn’t work either, though it showed that there’s a credit of 3 PLN in it. He put 3 PLN more… nothing.

I took my clothes back from the washing machines… and now I have to wait til tomorrow morning to get my money back and get a second try at the fuckin’ washing machines!


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