Complicated – please help!

It has to do with my departure from Łódź, Poland! Yes, it is weird to think about departure already, after just one month here, but… it is just how things go. May 20 – I finish with all my exams here, at WSHE. May 20, 13:25 – Catch a flight from Warsaw to Amman, Jordan. I’ll be there for 4 days, until May 25 This is where the split/confusion comes in: 1st option

May 25, 12:25 – Return to Warsaw, Poland and then Łódź and stay for another week in Poland… End of May – Return to Bucharest somehow (train and/or flight) from Łódź or Krakow

LATER EDIT a. After Xavier mentioned this option, I remembered that I haven’t look at connection from Budapest to Bucharest (I already knew that there’s one Warsaw – Budapest). And this is actually the best alternative to get to Romania for the option of getting back to Poland, from Amman. Taking a low-cost flight Warsaw – Budapest 13.15 – 14.25, then Budapest – Bucharest 20.00 – 22.15. About 60 euros in total. b. Stay in Krakow and then take a train to Budapest (crazy… it takes 11 hours) and then the low-cost flight to Bucharest. c. Stay in Krakow and then take a direct train (24 hours) to Bucharest.

Deal with some exams at my home university

2nd option

May 25, 9:45 – Land in Bucharest, Romania

Deal with some exams at my home university

Come on!!! Anyone… just help me with this! Any thought is highly appreciated – just add a comment!


Response from the Travel Agency:

Ticket fare, incl taxes: SEK4274 for sector Warsaw-Istanbul-Amman ( only
normal fare available)
and SEK2780 for sector Amman-Istanbul-Bucharest (low fare economy class)


A round trip ticket by Turkish airlines Warsaw-Amman would cost SEK6689,
due to lack of availibilty in cheaper class

Conclusion: 2nd option wins!!!! Thanks to all of you!

PS: It may be that I will return to Poland to have my summer here, so it looks good! =)

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11 Responses to “Complicated – please help!”

  1. TheWiseOne Says:

    Man Amman ?? Weird… but anyway.. second option

  2. Xavier Says:

    hmmm… I would say come back to Poland a little longer. Just for fun… You will be the rest of your days in Romania… :D

  3. Andrie Says:

    I know, Xavier… that’s the thing. BUT it is hard as hell to get back to Romania afterwards… I’ll edit the post in order for you to see what it is like..

  4. Andrie Says:

    WiseOne – why is Amman so weird?! :)

    I will see tomorrow the difference in price between Warsaw-Amman-Warsaw and then Warsaw-Amman-Bucharest and let you all know :) Thanks for the input!

  5. Sini Says:

    I spent Christmas in Hungary, took a bus from Krakow to Budapest. Ok, according the bus scheduales it’s like 9 hours and really about 7 hours. (Just an example, I don’t remember how long it took, anyway 2 hours less than in the scheduale. On the other hand, when coming back from Budapest to Krakow, it was actually the time that scheduale told.)
    Oh, I’m drunk, ask me tomorrow and I’ll tell you the TRUTH!

  6. Sini Says:

    What am I talking (writing) about!!?

    Sorry, seven beers and one meeting-with-someone-I-don’t-want-to-meet too much.

    Oh shit. Let’s walk to school tomorrow.

  7. Sini Says:


  8. Andrie Says:

    IT IS RAINING! Pouring in fact :) And I don’t know if yo have classes that early (10.15)

  9. Rux Says:

    i would say don’t think it too much. just do whatever you feel would make you have more fun :D

  10. Sini Says:

    When are you coming back!? Don’t leave me alone for such a long time!!! :DDDD
    (And don’t even think about it – I’m not drunk! Only took three zips from Joao’s beer while he was in bathroom – I’m sneaky bastard!)

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