Say Hello!


I know I’ve been away from “blogoreea” but you’re supposed to blog only when you feel like doing it… right, Rux?!!!!!

So, from now on I’m going to stop having “Bloging almost daily as an Erasmus in Poland” as my Yahoo!&Live Messengers’ status message. I’ll just change it into “Last 12h: I blogged as an Erasmus in Poland” =) Maybe it will make this clearer and less stressful for some!


8 Responses to “Say Hello!”

  1. Rux Says:

    no it won’t. just blog so i can have something to read during my Jade Empire breaks :D and where is my “polish bitches & their pimps: an Erasmus’ thorough research” post, ha?!

    p.s.: no offense to anyone! it’s an international joke, the Italian Erasmus have already handed their reports on Bucharest bitches :P

  2. Rux Says:

    si bine ca o arzi aiurea pozandu-te cu “Cat” in lift in loc sa umblati cluburile in lung si-n lat facand “research”!

  3. Gosia Says:

    Is it to end with questions, like: “how is it possible that there’s nothing to read today?” or to stress the value of the posts…only ordinary things appear every single day…:P

  4. Andrie Says:

    Gosia, was that comment for me, or for Rux!? :)
    I mean.. were you making fun of me, or just putting things straight with Rux? :p

  5. Gosia Says:

    We wrote our comments, with Rux, almost at the same time so I had no chance to refer to her…and I’m NOT making fun of you…about first part…I was also the one that asked this kind of question, so…second thing – i really mean it! ;)

  6. irritated pole Says:

    look how bizzar ALL the romanians are .They ALL seem to take photos in elevators all the time ,walk all the time together in pairs. Hey i am sure ALL romanians must be gay?
    And they ALL grin all the time and bite their toungues…that seems to be some kind of desease…

    ps:i hope you understood what i mean ;)

  7. not-irritated romanian, grinning Says:

    I think it’s part of the latin charm. To be able to smile no matter what and to make fun of everything to make your life easier.
    Also there is a difference between a “grin” and a “smile”…check it out….

    PS: if you are irritated, maybe you should see a doctor or something…irritations look ugly and can cause serios problems. Oy,oy,oy :)

  8. Andrie Says:

    thanks for your lovely comment, irritated pole ;)

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