Feminism in Łódź

IMG_0600Yesterday we’ve been to Ramzes. AGAIN! =)

But it was a very very long time since going there, and we decided to treat ourselves :p I think we all agree that the place has the best food for us. It’s not that expensive, and the food is almost all the time very tasteful. The only thing that we disliked was their Pizza. The other stuff was from “good/tasty” to “just perfect” and it didn’t go bellow that.

With all their poultry/beef/pork cousine and the French fries/grilled potatoes/rice as side-dish, and always with a cabbage and red beetroot… Yummy! And when you add two Tyskie or Pilsner to that… Perfect! :)

IMG_0608IMG_0610IMG_0602Now… we were sitting at a table, and not for the first time… On weekends, but most probably on Sunday evenings, the restaurants are almost empty. The streets as well. Just some “extreme-sports” people that were going to some clubs on a Sunday night, and, as always, getting back home drunk! :D (I just couldn’t help but mentioning that).

Ok, ok… I’ll get to that feminism that lies in the title!

At a near table there were two girls. One almost starts to cry. The other one walks away. Then comes back from the toilet. The crying one now seems to laugh. ?!?! No, it is not the time to use “Wtf?”

After some time… they kiss over the table. Not it is the time to say “Wtf?” I actually don’t have anything against gay/lesbians. I’m quite open-minded. I don’t think it’s that nice to see men kissing, so… no, thanks… but other than that – hey, if you’re ok generally, it’s your business what you do in private. Maybe I’m pro a bit of discrimination… meaning that I don’t like to see “them” kissing. Even if they are lesbians. In private, my eyes would probably pop out of the orbits, but in public… I’m pro men-women kissing but against men-men or women-women kissing. It’s just how I am…

Ok. This is not the Feminism in Łódź! I’m only starting to write about it now =)

IMG_0060I will start with smaller, more practical things!

In the bus, couples do not kiss and almost don’t talk. I would say that the cosiest moment is when you see drunk couples huging on two seats, while she rests her head on his shoulder and try not to fall asleep and forget to get off at their destination.

Secondly, on the streets… I’m really striving here… and I can’t say that I’ve seen people kiss. You know, that “Fuck-everything. I just wanna kiss you now and forget about everything.” Nope!

You see some girls with sex-appeal and “come-on-over” clothes, but that’s all. You have the starters but not the “meal”.

I know that since we are foreigners we pay extra attention to some things that the locals don’t see. And maybe in doing so, we extra-polate extreme moments and consider them to take place very often, but you cannot deny stuff like the crossings for bike-lanes in Krakow. So… I will continue to extra-polate, and I will reserve myself the right to say that it was doesn’t generally happen like this, and that all these following these were merely exceptions.

Cătă and George have been to Galleria a couple of days ago, and there were some festivities going on. A couple… she wanted to get a closer look… the man pulled her arm in a “No way you don’t!”… and there was no fight about it… she obeyed without any comment! Then there was the opposite, while getting off the bus… the man gets off… than she wants to get off, but stops… and put her hand in front, waiting for him to help her get off. Howwwwkiiieeeee…..Dowkie!

Now, more phylosophical thoughts! There seems to be no “playing” around here. Little romanticism floating in the air. I already told you their “tradition” about women celebration, so…

But still… I get the feeling that here it is more like… the women dress nicely for the men to look nicer (if you look at the shoes that they sell here, pff… ugly! so… since I can only understand that men don’t have high standards about shoes and all… the women must come in handy and cover the menly “minuses” ). I will also stress out the real high standards for quite a few men here: drink on the streets! When you go by bus in the evening, it is impossible not to see people with beers in their hands (after they already had a few… or more accurately: enough! ). You have the same chances to see groups of men sitting in a bus-station, or at corners of the streets, etc. drinking. Is it that they don’t have a place to drink!? Ok… so it is cheaper to buy the beer at a supermarket, than going to a pub… but… don’t you have like a home!?

For us, Romanians, I think this is also a reason why we don’t fall under the table in such a miserable way (explanation: so far tens of people that were loosing balance – both men and women, two dead – one of them unconscious, one strengthless, hundreds past the “happy-state”). And it is also like “I don’t want to get dead-drunk in my own flat, or in my friend’s flat!”, so you kind of keep it under control. You just don’t go overboard. You get “high”, but not overboard. Ok, Rux… we all love you and you can go overboard anytime. You’re simply too harmless, so… =)

And we are also a bit of a criticism-nation. I really wonder how everybody else would look at you if you start drinking in the middle of the street? (Summer time has its own exceptions, but even so… )

But anyway… it feels like there tiny interaction inside a couple, there’s no catch-me-if-you-can, no come-on-over, no look-but-don’t-touch =) those kind of romantic games, even if they are childish. I mean… some times those stupid things can be the chilli in a relationship… or am I day-dreaming too much? :p

Another thing: I don’t even want to go into details about how the men dance. One guy was actually just standing still! Com’on!!


Relationships here seem quite simple and childish. First… it seems more like “I want to have fun” or “I need a good guy/girl”. The first option is for those who just go from club to club… maybe even having a different girl in each of them, and then they start looking for some more on the second night. The second option is for the “unfortunate” ones… who just comfort themselves. But… when you see the guys they’ve chosen (good guy doesn’t actually mean that they don’t get drunk… but just less often)… I’ll be nice – no comment!

Then it feels that they have all that bullshit after one relationship meets its end. All that… ohh, he left me… ohh, this… ohh, that… Those creepy moments when people start crying, even if their relation was only a week long, and they have just kissed a couple of times or something.

It really feels like they lack the Latin blood. I mean… what can you do when the girl is simply attractive but doesn’t attract? You look, you come closer… but then it feels like the attraction rope has ended, and the girl just doesn’t know any more buttons to push…

It’s like their game actually ended after the guy is close enough. Afterwards a YES or NO will do, depending if the girl really likes the guy or not :)

IMG_0061But even so… the way I’ve seen the guys here. It is more like in the right photo. After they are near the girl, it is the same as before. They don’t hear. They don’t speak! And then… who knows what they actually do with the 4th hand!? =))))

Post Scriptum

For those who are interested or got pissed off already, after reading the above: There are exceptions as well :) Or maybe this isn’t the rule… =) Kisses and hugs to all those girls who are not like that, and know which buttons to push with guys :P


7 Responses to “Feminism in Łódź”

  1. Sini Says:

    “Just some “extreme-sports” people that were going to some clubs on a Sunday night, and, as always, getting back home drunk! :D (I just couldn’t help but mentioning that).”

    I hope you didn’t talk about me. :D

    PS. Commenting in my blog is also allowed!

  2. Sini Says:

    And I forgot to wonder, how come you like Ramzes?! I’ve been there twice and both times the food was SHIT! The second time my meal included mushrooms, which the menu didn’t tell – and I HATE mushrooms!!!
    …Sorry being fanatic, I have bad antipathy for/towards/to (fucking prepositions!) that place (and mushrooms).

    Ms. Extremely Tolerant Vegetarian

  3. Andrie Says:

    No, I didn’t talk about you, Sini! :)
    You’re quite harmless as well. Quite! :)))))
    But anyway… seeing people drinking on the streets is.. desolating, pathetic.. I don’t know why but it makes me feel like I’m in such a poor country that people can only find their peace in drinking, and not just that but they keep to it everywhere, not just in a specific place – bar!

    Drinking for pleasure, for getting some things off your mind – perfect! Drinking out of stupidity.. a different thing! Because I really don’t think that these Poles are so poor. Pfff.. they should see the people in the Romanian countryside.. I would understand those, but here?! I was nearly astonished not to see the same situation in Krakow.. I mean.. parks, malls and still doing it. It’s just too much at extremes, I guess.

    We really like Ramzes.. During the 1st week we’ve been going there daily.. and afterwards we went there a couple more times. The food was really great except for their weird soups (eggs with sausages, etc.) – except one! Then, pizza is also horrible because of the cheese they use and because they have a weird way to cook pizza.. like the vegetables are still raw almost.

    I don’t know what you ordered. We had some meet-based dishes… and they were great. Even the desert is not that bad. :-??

  4. Andrie Says:

    3. How come you talk about Ramzes as a comment to a post about Women in Lodz?!?! :)

  5. Dark Angel Says:

    I still wonder if u have sth against Slav blood… ;]

  6. Andrie Says:

    I said that “Lodzania” lack Latin blood :) Not that I have something against Slavic blood.
    Plus.. if you “still” wonder, does it mean that you’re trying to push the right buttons?! :p

  7. Dark Angel Says:

    1. maybe it was just an impression (blood-related staff)..maybe.
    2. a: no. (do you think I have to?) ;p

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