IMG_0582Sini doesn’t want to give away her blog address. Anyway… suite yourself, Sini! I won’t go into the “darkness” and blackmail you… and no, I don’t think I’ll read your blog after you delete stuff from it! I think it’s better if you don’t give away your blog address, and keep those wicked posts as well ;)

Post Scriptum

And she has her laptop in Danish, bought in Poland! And she said she knows a bit of Swedish… but then again she doesn’t want to speak to us in Suomi… and she really had no reaction whatsoever to the my Swedish phrases, nor Huvitelkaa… pfff… and she keeps on saying Dobrze and other Polish phrases!!!! No more!!



2 Responses to “Sini”

  1. Sini Says:

    Thanks for the pics again, I look terrrriiiible. (Why my right eye is always eight time bigger in pictures than the left one!!!)
    Tomorrow you will get the address, I told you! And I didn’t delete anything because it’s not the same after that. I don’t mind if you read it, just don’t make it public and start to speak bullshit about me because of what I’ve written.
    You have not been speaking in Swedish with me! And I told you I feel stupid when speaking Finnish alone. Just listen to some time when I’m talking on (in?) phone with my family and you will hear Finnish. :D

    PS. There was some noise in the corridor during the night but I’m innocent! I was inmy room and didn’t even play music! (Still waiting for your revenge…)

  2. Andrie Says:

    1. Revenge will be unexpected and deadly!
    2. Jag pråtar lite-lite Svenska. That’s why I knew that the Danish “kør” on your Windows was “kör” (Swedish) = “run”.
    3. And I told you many times “Mycket bra!” but your only reaction came once, and it was that you pronounced it again like “Michet bru” (?!?!? and I thought…maybe it is the Suomi version?)…
    oi-oi-oi…Scandinavian girls…

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