Piotr – CFM – Summary

IMG_0540Londongrad” – in short: Russian billionaires buy land-properties in London. London was also called Londonistan because of the Islamic concentration.

Pareto Principle – the 80-20 rule

Places to visit in Łódź

First photos of Piotr =)

First time when I didn’t read the summary that I got last time :D Hopefully, the last as well!

And NEWS FLASH – 10% of the Moscow inhabitants have more than $1 million each! Needless to say that we were like: “what??!…” But now we have searched on the Internet and the Russian newspaper Pravda says:

The richest people of the country account for approximately 1.5% of the population: roughly 700 families of three, which adds up to about 2 million. With all types of property taken into account, they are each worth at least $1 million.


About two-thirds of the current millionaires live in Moscow and St Petersburg, though most of them come from the provinces.


2 Responses to “Piotr – CFM – Summary”

  1. Rux Says:

    din unghiul asta pare dinescu :)

  2. Andrie Says:

    =)))))) Piotr Dinescu!!!

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