Erasmus Office

IMG_0547IMG_0546Photos from the WSHE Erasmus Office!

On the right you have Agata, our coordinator (you can almost read on her forehead “incoming” :p ).

On the left, there’s Angelika… always lost in her LCD screen. She is… well… on the WSHE Erasmus website it is written that she’s the Accomodation Coordinator?!?! Let’s just say that it feels like she’s the man in the shadow that aparently does nothing, but in reality controls everything. Or not?!.. Otherwise, why would she be the only one gazing at the screen, no matter who enters the door? /:)

Post Scriptum

I didn’t take a photo a Justyna (“outgoing” coordinator). It felt really like… I was supposed to ask for permission… It really felt academic-like, somehow… like going to the headmaster of the high school and saying “We want to take a photo for the school’s newspaper”. But… one of these days, Justyna… =)


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