WSHE Internet

I’ve been writing two posts offline. Why? because I simply cannot get the WSHE Internet to work.

1:09 I was at the cafeteria, just one level bellow the library, where there’s a hot-spot. Didn’t work this time. I went up in the library to tell them to turn on the wireless, because some time it is turned off or something. “One second”. I went back to the cafeteria, in order to enjoy my lunch.

1:41 Nothing. Went back. Asked them again. I went back to the cafeteria.

2:14 Nothing. I decided to finish my “lunch” which turned to be just a Snickers. I don’t feel that comfortable eating between courses :-?? And I went inside the library. Asked them again.

2:22 The guy here started to worry. Restarted the Access Points and all. And we waited some more.

2:29 He decided to give me a patch cable and to connect through a cable to their network. For a second it worked! Then “Limited or no connectivity!”

2:37 They guy returned and switched to another LAN socket. It works now! I’m POSTING!

Post Scriptum

Thanks, “Is this Vista?” guy! ;)


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