IMG_0246Today we learned a bit about being a red negotiator, or a blue one… or a violet one (in the middle). It all has to do with whether you are pushy (gambler) or you are very calm (you want to be safe that you win something, as little as it might be). Or the violet one, which has the stick in one hand, and the carrot in the other, thus knowing when to push, when to step back.

Here are the questions (true/false):

  1. Negotiators should not reveal their real feelings because their opposite could use it to achieve an advantage
  2. A transaction which is hard to accept is better than no transaction at all
  3. If the other side is allowing us to abuse them, then let it be
  4. I will renegotiate a transaction that is good for me, if the other negotiator tells me that he will go into trouble
  5. I take care of my own business, let the other side take care of their ones
  6. It is generally recommendable to speak up about our problems
  7. During the negotiations I’m afraid of being rejected
  8. If the other is too blue/soft and doesn’t know how to take care about themselves, it is their problem
  9. The truth is more important than the maximum goal
  10. When I’m pushing and the other side is stepping back, then I should press more

You get one RED point if you answered TRUE for these guestions: 1, 3, 5, 8, 10.

You get one BLUE point if you answered TRUE for these guestions: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9.

It came out that I’m a perfect VIOLET, whatever that means! =)


One Response to “Quizz”

  1. wiwiek Says:

    i’m a red, except that i also chose true for number 4 :)

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