Poland Mess (engers) II


Since I’ve visited Krakow (the true Poland) the posts with weird things in Poland are only in Radości, and not in Smutki category =)

Anyway… I’ve been posting a while ago about Polish Messengers, and I was under the impression that they work exactly like MSN/Yahoo!, but check out this: they actually work more like ICQ (everybody has a specific number).

This actually means that it is easier to forget your number, and without it you cannot log in. In that case you call a friend and ask him/her to look in the messenger list for your number. Why?! Because the users don’t actually put in their real names, so it’s impossible to search by name for your number! ;)

Then if you loose your password – bugger! No way to retrieve it in your E-mail address! And you create another account, another number…

Away from Polish Messengers, hmm… you know Hansel and Gretel, right? It’s called Hansel och Gretel in Swedish, Hansel e Gretel in Italian, Hansel und Gretel in German, Hansel et Gretel in French, and of course… Hansel şi Gretel in Romanian. IN POLISH: Jaś i Małgosia.

It is probably a tiny thing, and it really is… but look at the photo. Just as a final markup. A bicycle lane, with a pedestrian crossing on it… towards… the green grass?! =)

Musical background: Urma – This time


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