Cosmic World!

 Excerpts (translated) from Rux – “you! out of your cosmic world!”:

The hell with this virtual identity. Everybody tries to connect to 1000 bullshit things, from the MSN that I’ve started to use too recently, since the foreigners haven’t heard of Yahoo (you cannot even make yourself invisible only to a few of your buddies!) to the newest “ting” called Facebox that fills in your inbox in the last few days.

Ok, people: Chill!!! I need to stay calm. Since when do we have to write on 2 (3,8,..2000) blogs instead of one?! Why would you chat on messenger with someone that you can take out for a beer? […] Unbelievable how you can “talk” with someone for a full night and the next day you cannot even say “hi”.


So, a single blog is enough (there are exceptions that deserve the 16 blogs, no names…)! One messenger (please… without the Russian or the Polish one, people) cuz that’s why it also has Live support (n.r. Yahoo Messenger). Otherwise: get out, walk, and if you want that wanted identity, you know “do it like they do it on the discovery channel!”… verbally/face to face. Find your guts and talk (no, it is not the same thing as doing it on the mess, dudes) with the red-curly-head and believe me that the smell of her hair cannot be found in a emoticon/smiley […] Be brave, minions!

Unbelievable! =)

Musical background: Urma – After all


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