March 8th

IMG_0185“Happy Women’s Day!”

So today it was the International Women’s Day. Just Another day to celebrate women… but “just another day” is for us, Romanians.

Here, in Poland, it is like this: they have only the 8th of March, and even then not all (meaning the majority) the ladies get flowers, but they also have more days dedicated to… us, men!

How’s that? Because they do not have a fixed date for celebrating Men… One is in March, one is in April, one is in… who knows?!

And when you think about Romania it is more like 1st of March, 8th of May, and then you also have Valentine’s Day, which in case you don’t have a very very weird/special girl… she won’t give you any present on that day :D
And we have no Men’s Day!

I just cannot put into words the amazed face that some had when I gave them flowers!

Probably the most “extreme reaction” was from Agata and Justyna – the coordinators of International/Erasmus Relations. When I gave them the flowers and said “Happy Women’s Day!” it felt like they forgot how to speak… or that the sky has just fallen on their head!

Almost like “oh no… the flowers are for us!… but why?!.. but… where do we put them?”

Probably you, my Romanian friends who read this, won’t believe this but they have put them in some water in cups! No glass-vases around… just cups! And it felt as if that was the first time that flowers stepped into the room =)

I can’t even imagine what they would feel like if they went to Romania between the 1st and the 8th of March with all the flowers around… with all the red-white threads… go mad probably!? =)


They do not carnations (“garoafe” in Romanian) that often because it is somewhat old-fashion. Very hard to find some, so eventually I gave up looking! On the 8th of March they offer tulips.


2 Responses to “March 8th”

  1. Rux Says:

    i got flowers as well :D in a belgian pub in Riga. i went in and the guy from the bar came and gave me a yellow tulip in a special Kwak beer glass and a glass of champagne on the house. it was sooo cute :))))))))))

  2. Andrie Says:

    tare :)
    La mulţi ani!

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