Upper locker = freedom!

IMG_0166This is the 4th discussion that we have like this :)

Our Finnish mate also has a funny “obsesssion” about the upper locker… A couple of times we locked the upper one (has a handle from inside), but we didn’t figure out that there’s no key to open it from outside. Just a “key-holder”.

So… after we didn’t lock her out any longer, she was coming back home, and left us notes on the door: “Upper locker = freedom” because she was locking the door from inside! =)

She’s somewhat shy… and ill :( She is caughing most of the times… we think we should do something about her and act as “gentlemen”. Not that fun to have sick people around you, so we should take action ;)

We really liked her when she was a bit drunk and more talkative! :) Pssttt…Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but we have her “on tape”. For privacy reasons, I won’t put it online!

Anyway… GET WELL, SINI!!!!

Later Edit

She’s not that ill… she locked herself indoors because she wanted to catch up with Lost! :p


2 Responses to “Upper locker = freedom!”

  1. Sini Says:

    Me again! (I’m commenting in a very logical order.)
    Why you think I’m shy!? It was weird to read that.
    Sorry about the caughing, I always hope that my neighbours don’t hear it but with these walls.. I’ve been driving my other neighbours crazy with it too. Just can’t help it, been sick since September.
    I like the notes because we don’t seem to be here at the same time – you go out during days, I go during nights! :D But I’m not leaving the upper lock -notes anymore because you should already know that I lock it. :)
    PS. Pls, be nice and don’t publish the tape, it would be more humiliating than funny.

  2. Andrie Says:

    =))))) Not going to publish the tape. It’s just a way of blackmailing :p

    We don’t “mind” hearing you cough, but we got worried (I did, genuinely!) So, get healthier!

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