Telekomunikacja Polska

Today I found out from Izabela (my Human Resources Management teacher) about the neat situation in fixed telecommunication in Poland. Some years ago, we had a monopoly on the fixed-line telecommunication in Romania. On the 1st of January 2003 that monopoly dissolved.

The result is needless to be commented. That’s why according to the OTE Group 2006 1st Quarter Results Press Release, Romtelecom has 3,835,647 fixed telephony lines, down from 4,279,038 at the end of 1st quarter 2005.

Romtelecom is owned by OTE (the Greek national telecommunication company).
Telekomunikacja Polska is owned by France Telecom and Kulczyk Holding.

Difference? Well you could as well say that the Polish state has only around 5% shares, while the Romanian state has 45%, but I guess that a drop in 500 thousand users does mean something.

And watch out for this: Telekomunikacja Polska has around 11 millions of users, while Romtelecom has 3.8 millions and dropping.

I can’t help but to wonder – of course the number of users has to be related with the telecommunication development, costs, services’ prices. But why aren’t the Polish users going to other companies? I don’t know if they have better prices, but I think not.

So… maybe in a way it was somewhat nice to have a monopoly. When it dissolved, we were a bit more courageous into diving in new services like cable telecommunications, or even VoIP.

Still… tell me Polish people – why do you like Telekomunikacja Polska? Is it that Tele2 AB (Swedish operator) is so bad?


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