IMG_0157Do you know how you recharge your mobile phone when you have a prepay card?

You just buy a package that has a tick paper card (similar to a credit card) on which you have the code to recharge your phone! Or you can also recharge it electronically… Just go to a mobile shop, you tell them the number, pay, and it’s done!

Here, in any shop (whether it is a mobile shop or just a small grocery that sell “prepay cards”, they have the code bars for every amount of recharging categories, you pay… and the receipt looks like this one. More than 0.5 meters long! :)

On it, you have the recharging code and instructions for doing it. I wonder how this is done… I mean… where do they get the codes?! Is there any connection to an Orange/Plus/Era servers?!

Well, past the practicalities… It was weird to get the receipt! And nothing else! =)

Later edit

George told me that actually we have the same way of recharging! :-??


One Response to “Recharge!”

  1. George Says:

    the only difference is that the receipt is a little shorter…maybe Poles feel the need to compensate for other “short-comings” :)

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