“Priveşte părţile pozitive”

* “Look on the bright side”

I was talking to a friend of mine from Romania today, while having a window between two courses.

I started to tell him that somehow I’m done seeing the worst in Łódź. We’ve been picking on the Polish people for everything. Somehow with a bit of truth in it, because I think that the bottom line is that Poland is marketing it’s country “too well”, at least in comparison with Romania.

Maybe in fact they are doing the normal thing, while it is us, the Romanians, who give little importance to the things we have to offer to the other nations!

But… I’m sick of F words, of asking Why, of saying Shitty.  Ja jestem chore strasznego!

I have calmed down my enthusiasm and I think I’m now ready to see things as they are!

Watch out, Poles! Here I come =)


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