IMG_0118In the past week

1. I’ve seen two painting exhibitions. And noticed “the lovers’ corner” in Łódź (there isn’t one, but I just thought it was very intimate, yet open, and gave it this name).

2. I went to the Filarmonica. Musically Conditioned – Laureates of The International Piano Competition in Budapest. Soloists: Dobrochna Krówka – piano Marcin Koziak – piano Music by: F. Chopin, L. van Beethoven, K. Szymanowski, R. Schumann, F. Liszt. I say it was really nice. Also funny to see Dobrochna keeping the tempo so vividly =) But it seemed like they both had a special meaning to each song. (PS: no, I didn’t fall asleep :D )

3. I’ve been seriously thinking that I cannot resist 3 months without driving! =) (I wonder if that somebody gets the hint… )

4. The guys found out the quickest way to get to the university by foot.

5. “Subliminal messages
niech mnie ktoś przytuli
i wszystko jasne
it was you
perfect match


6. Going with the bus no. 96 all the way to the West of Łódź. We wanted to go home, but when we realised that it’s not a good bus, we just said: Ok, let’s keep using this bus until the 30 minutes ticket expires :p


4 Responses to ““Forget-ings””

  1. George Says:

    and if “he” gets it….what’s the chance of driving? :)

  2. Rux Says:

    din nou, in case your not getting my point: daca te faci CB ti bat!!! filarmonica?!?! come on!!!! ps: back from riga just now and it was fan-bloody-tastic! mega-tera-tare!!! :) revenim cu detalii dupa o pauza de dejegare si somn. see u

  3. Andrie Says:

    Rux, sush! =) Cu greu Andrie CB… Been 6 hours in a pub-club yesterday. Is that good enough for you? :p

  4. Rux Says:

    6h..ooooo…wow….mda…pt tine e ceva cred :) si, si?! detalii juicy?

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