I read

IMG_0005I don’t know why exactly, but I felt the need to read. I say “I don’t know why” because I’m not the reader-type, simply said, though I like to learn things from books, “left-overs of our smartness” (I have a theory that we kind of already reached our peak… we are now discovering new things, but I don’t actually feel that we are going forward. It is a horizontal development – we diversify, but we rarely develop vertically – improve). But I am not the dreamer type in order to go through all the details.

More like… there’s a time to dream, and there’s a time to build. Or chill. Or play. Or just fool around. Pff… how nice it would be to have someone read thousands of books, and then late at night to give you a short overview over the story instead of a simple “Good night! Wanna make love? I’m a bit tired you know… OK. Maybe tomorrow. Are you sure? Thanks, hon! Don’t forget to feed the dog in the morning!” – ClapClap and lights turn off.

=) I’m somewhat joking though it has its truth in that.

But anyway, until I find the summary girl, I’m reading The Age of Innoecence by Edith Wharton. I’m lagging behind, but this is just my pace. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to post these okropnie articles on this Erasmus diary blog =)


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