Why I’m NOT taking Polish lessons

Cont. from Polish Course – Dlaczego do kurwy nędzy??

Context: before coming to Poland, I already had some Polish friends and started to chit-chat with them and learn something about Poles and learn some tiny Polish phrases. Let me not forget about pronunciation and Polish digraphs (Wikipedia on Digraphs).

Coming to a new culture for me is (COULD BE like) a rebirth. You tend to adapt to a new environment and that is like becoming a new self.

But why would I do it when there’s no immediate and visible will from Łódź’s inhabitants to reach you half-way?

Yesterday I’ve been having my first and probably last class of Strategic Management, though I enjoyed Elżbieta’s teachings very much. But she told something that was weird for me. This city was mostly a textile centre (they even have a museum for it – The White Museum, but I don’t know if I’ll go there). Now they want to turn it into a “cultural place” so to speak, because here the three nations have “collided” and become one – Jewish, Russian and German people.

It seemed like giving a new face to something that isn’t clear, nor stable.

But I wonder how they want to do this if they do not emphasize on language openness? How are you going to attract “outsiders”? Because these are a “cultural place”‘s main target.

Overall it reminds me of the weird “Romania IT” brand that is now promoted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Why should we attract foreign investors? Why not a more cost-effective inside brand?

Why not support Romanian IT people? We’re simply not making the money, or reaching the success we should because of a simple reason. Small IT companies want to hit the skies in no-time with as little money as possible! They don’t invest in their employees, they give shitty salaries and they don’t have a vision, a strategy!

But the bottom line is that, as always, Romanians don’t have confidence in other Romanians. We always believe that there has to be an external force, like the EU or foreign investors “să pună biciul pe noi” (~= to scourge us) in order to make it through!

But that’s another story!…

So… in a decision to help them reach their success – I decide not to take Polish classes and to stick to my “lack of basic Polish” and go ahead just with Dzień dobry! / proszę / Dziękuję! / …

Maybe if they see more and more foreigners that don’t speak Polish they would be more interested in learning a foreign language!

Yes, yes… no need to thank me, Łódź! I’m doing it all for you, “promised land”!

Post Scriptum

Logic would say: if they don’t know a foreign language that you know, you should learn their language, right? Not my logic though!


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