March 2nd (2)

I have already told you about the English speakers in Łódź. They are undercover, if they really do exists.

But today George wanted to buy some tickets. I don’t know if he went to the ticket selling point, asked for tickets and wasn’t able to make himself understood, or if he didn’t even try to go there on his own… but he picked someone on the street and…

G – Hey, do you speak English?
P – Yeah!…
G – ( :o ) OK, come with me!

And that’s how he bought bus-tickets :))))

Imagine the luck of this guy. Maybe we should use him to play the lottery :p


2 Responses to “March 2nd (2)”

  1. Rux Says:

    kinda my style… :)))) great move anyway!

  2. George Says:

    to answer the “question”….

    no i didn’t even bother trying to buy the tickets without having a polish speaker with me :D

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