Polish Messengers

OK. Yesterday I had another “Polish-style shock”.

Have you ever heard of national Instant Messengers? I didn’t. I mean, who the fuck would think to make a software for IM in only one language that is not widely-spread?!

Well ;) You guessed! Polish programmers!

In a national virtual place, how the hell are you supposed to learn another language?

I guess that this is yet another reason for their lack of English knowledge.

But I really have to wonder how did these yo-yo’s got these Polish IM so forward? I mean, in Romania, if there were to be such an initiative, it would get no impulse. Why would we care if it is in Romanian, if it’s not “big”?… big like MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc.

Some of us geeks have already forgot about these widely spread IM and have start looking&using multi-protocol IM so that we can access a virtual market as wide as possible!

But anyway… meet Gadu-Gadu, or GG (for all of you Romanians – Gigi or Jiji). Financed through ads, with offline messaging, with crappy ICQ serial number identification (meaning you don’t add an ID in order to add a new buddy, but some numbers – yuck!), voice, its OWN PROTOCOL (damn, these Polish people are so smart. You know… they invented the fire & the wheel), addons, etc.

Wikipedia’s description is funny:

One of the most popular features of Gadu-Gadu is the status option, allowing users to display short text messages visible under their buddy icons on other users’ contact lists.

But then again, you can also read this:

Gadu-Gadu is the most popular IM in Poland. There are over 5 million registered accounts, and every day approximately 2.5 million users are online.

Did you have enough? No, you did NOT!

There’s also TLEN, which in Polish means… ohh, these guys are such great poets and they use metaphores… it means “oxygen”. These guys didn’t want a market for themselves, so they are compatible with Jiji. The same old features, nothing spectacular.

Jeezzzz, these Poles rock, don’t they? Noootttt!!!!


14 Responses to “Polish Messengers”

  1. Rux Says:

    “Have you ever heard of national Instant Messengers?” yes! the russians have it even “better”! http://www.mail.ru is their national IM/main email service/dating place. you just go there and get yourself a russian bride :D while you chat, while you check your email. globalization my ass!

  2. Andrie Says:

    globalization my ass too!

    BUT don’t you think that it is too much trouble to switch your messenger just to get a bride? :)))))

  3. Rux Says:

    for some…no :)

  4. mauricez Says:

    I agree, mine is so weird country. At the dawn of internet, when Poles knew English only well enough to say “F***” (not to mention lots of people still keep their knowledge at the same level) it was unacceptable to use some English messengers, because what one can gain from it if one can’t speak in English (excluding that one word, which can form up quite a conversation)?

    I just L-O-V-E this place =P.

  5. Andrie Says:

    :) Thanks for the comment, mauricez!

    But still… after being in your country – it’s very nice! And.. weird.. well Romania is definitely weirder :)

  6. Bartek Says:

    Hi Andrie,

    why You are such a nervous. I think it`s not a very big problem to have own national communicator. Here in Poland it`s a great history of math and we have many good programmers. Just check list of winners programing conquest from last 5 years. You know, most of them are very ambitious and that`s why we are able to make our own good applications.
    Maybe we have problems with English, it`s not so popular I know but I know also many Europeans countries which have more problems with this.
    You mentioned about f** but forgot that You offend country that You don`t even know.
    I think You bring shame for Your country (which I really like very much).

    So long

  7. Andrie Says:

    First of all, I think it’t good to differentiate nervous from acid.

    Secondly – you lost the purpose all together. IM means free communication. In a world that tries to be international at all levels, you are among the only ones (I actually heard only of Asians and Russians – and by all means they are simply different cultures with billions of people) that develop IM networks in a national language only – so much to say about giving people that chance to go outside physical boarders.

    Also… so much to say about your crappy TV dubbing.

    The fact about “many (other) European countries” is that the other countries actually have a history of being nationalistic, and that is currently being topped-down by being international. You see.. they wore born in a super-nation culture (Italy, Germany, France – all with their empires)… but you seem to behave more and more nationalistic, or at least in the same way.

    I know for a fact that I’m not making a shame of my country…but hey – you go on with your math and programmers — building software that is similar with another does not mean “good software”.

    PS: in meantime I check list of winners programming conquest from last 5 years

  8. Bartek Says:

    Yes I agree that IM means international and that`s why GG PROTOCOL is open. In your article we can find that You blame polish programmers and that`s why I deiced to write my post. I think it`s totally heavyhanded. Your beliefs depend on only one communicator. I think that when they prepare first version in 2000 even thing it might be so popular. Gadu-gadu rely on simplicity and that`s why support only one protocole. Maybe it`s merit of gg success. If You want to see a IM`s supported by polish programmers just check connect, gtalk, microsoft live messenger, psi, aqq.

    TO make Your homework (list of winners) easier type in google Imagine Cup.

    I hope that next time when You write that we have weak programmers You will think twice.

  9. Andrie Says:

    I think that next time when I write, you’ll be a lot smarter.

  10. Bartek Says:

    thats exactly depressed apprehension level that I`m thinking of.

    Bless You!

  11. Jurgi Says:

    > I guess that this is yet another reason for their lack of English knowledge.

    LOL. Tell me: are Brits’ or Americans’ knowledge of foreign languages is – at least – 5% as big, as Poles’ knowledge of English? I doubt.

    Yes, GG protocol is a crap, and the client is a crap, but tell me, why crappy ICQ gained the popularity? The whole world is stupid – isn’t it?

  12. Andrie Says:

    @Jurgi – Brits and Americans – lucky them that their language is international

    ICQ – I would assume it became popular along with the AOL purchase. I don’t think that the Israelis who coded it: 1. didn’t make it available in English 2. had so many Israeli users that it became popular (thus you are implying that Gadu-Gadu will be acquired in the near-future).

    The bottom line is this: watching movies with subtitles, not dubbing, and using software that at least has the option to use a foreign (int.) language (thus not necessarily dump national language and replaced it with an international one) helps people acquire certain skills in that language.

  13. Bartek Says:

    it`s the first time when You sounds good.
    I`m really appreciate ;)

  14. Microwave Cart · Says:

    russian brides are very pretty and i wish that i can marry a russian bride too”

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