Non-Corporate Finance Management

With all due respect, my Corporate Finance Management is more like my window into the Polish culture and vision, because so far I’ve got more feedback from Piotr (the teacher) than any other person or place.

First of all, during last week’s class, he told us about his last trip to Romania, around 1985. He told us how the bus stopped in some places and small children (maybe gipsy?!) where coming towards the Polish tourist group: “bombo, bombo!!..” (asking for candies or something).

And then he asked “Is Romania safe?” I got asked the same exact question by a French Erasmus student yesterday evening. I really wonder what does the Western and Central European think about Romania!

But anyway… so today Piotr told us some other things. Things like Poland incorporated Romania during its history. :o ?!?! What? And that Poland had the border at the Black Sea. Co, Piotr?! :)

And then told us how the Polish defended Romania and all Europe against the Turks, in the Battle of Vienna. Excuse me??? There was Austro-Hungarian-Polish army, in the first place. And even if the consequences of the battle’s result were significant (The Otoman Empire slowly died), it was solely a battle. The Romanian nations were always fighting the Otoman Empire due to their vecinity.

Anyway – it sounded like the old days when you could hear “Romanians must be proud… Romania is so important… Romania… Romania… Romania” or even better “Ceauşescu this, Ceauşescu that”. Being proud of one’s country or culture is one thing, but making the mistake of going overboard sounds like socialism to me. Or am I wrong about it?

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2 Responses to “Non-Corporate Finance Management”

  1. George Says:

    “Well maybe not Romania, but Ukraine and Moldavia for sure, Poland stretching for the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea”…mhm….and maybe including half of China and a part of New Zealand?

    Until now we always said there is something strange about Poles, but now at least I know…they live in a parallel dimension, at least that’s what their history says. ;-)

  2. Gosia Says:

    With all due respect for your abilities I wouldn’t be so sure that you can read people like a book….you think you know everything, because you have spent a few weeks here and have seen some Poles…pffff…give me a break!! Judging without making any kind of affort to get to know someone is just following the line of the least resistance, and there’s nothing to be proud about! :P Express your opinion on the subject that you have any idea about…

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