February 28th

“Yeah… Skinhead!”

Today, at the university’s cafeteria, between two classes.

George bought a SONY DSCH2 and I was playing with it. George was in front of me at the table. Behind him, a nice Polish blond “face” =)

I was playing with the camera, zooming in, zooming out on this girl.

One of the guys that shared the table with this girl suddenly comes to us and yells something in Polish. We scared him with “In English, please!” and waited for his neuron to get out of the shortcircuit… and waited… and waited… and waited.

Evrika!!! The neuron is again awake. Therefore some more Polish.

– Do you have a problem?
– Yeah… Skinhead!

And walked away, got back to his table with the exact same “smile” that Romanian “Fockers” have when they pick on the little guy, while collecting the verbal “applauze” at the table.

Check this out, Polish yo-yo’s! What’s with your stupid “Don’t take photos of me”? And you say Romania is not a safe place, Piotr? Come check out our “manelişti” (hilarious reference on Wikipedia by the way), the ones that we sometimes have the feeling of being “the worst” and they will get you singing and dancing stupid love songs over some low-quality spirits in no time!

If that’s “to be rude”, then fuck it! Romania RUDEs and rocks (because we actually listen to good music as well :D )!


One Response to “February 28th”

  1. Rux Says:

    no comment…at least the spawns of evil here are peaceful. there are some nazis but they get their ass kicked by almost everyone.

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