No comment (2)

IMG_0193This is just another new girlish thing in our bathroom.

What do you think?!

Don’t you long for one of this as well?

It’s all just 3.99, including taxes and you also get a Finnish girl with it :p

All we know so far is that she likes that we keep the bathroom clean, and that it smells nice after we take showers, and that it’s good that we lower the toilet seat.

And the only reason she gave for locking the door every time she goes out or in the room, is that she wants to through up alone in the room /:) ?!

I wonder if she remembers my name, since yesterday evening she specifically said “wear the same yellow shirt so that I know you are Andrei”. Anyway, she’s funny after having a beer. That’s… good… I guess :)

Meet Sinni (nor Cini, Sinie, Sinnie, etc.) Sini!



8 Responses to “No comment (2)”

  1. Rux Says:

    hauska tutustua, sinni!!! (this Finnish thing isn’t working that well for me…) Sorry for the mistakes I’ve been only learnign it for 2 months and sometimes is hard to write it the right way :P

  2. Rux Says:

    hey, I have that shower thingy as well, mutta where is my finnish-non-goth-brad-pitt-at-18-look-a-like boy?

  3. Andrie Says:

    well – but the difference is that you wouldn’t put it in a bathroom that you share with guys. or.. am I wrong?

  4. Rux Says:

    joo…you are very right :) eu cica invat pt finlandeza :P

  5. Rux Says:

    buna treaba cu “wear the same tshirt so i know which one you are” :))))))))))) cat de prost sa fii…jeezzz vorba ta

  6. Sini Says:

    Firstly, nice pic of me.
    Secondly, it’s Sini, not Sinni. (I’ve also seen versions like Cini and Sinnie.)
    I feel a little bit embarrased because of the pic and what you wrote. I only wrote about you once in my blog!
    I’ll never be drunk in front of you anymore!!!

  7. Andrie Says:

    I have corrected your name after this post. I will correct it now as well :)

    Don’t be embarrassed. It was just funny to see the flower in the shower :))))

    PS: Please, do drink in the future!!

  8. Sini Says:

    I can’t!!! I go crazy!!! Oh you should see me now.

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