Letter to ‘prieten drag’

‘Prieten drag’,

avatarThanks for all your crazy avatars, with all your Bob-Marley thing, or old shoes (traverşi?! i-am nimerit? nu-mi mai îmi amintesc avatarul bine :p), or old man, or Danube Delta’s house… or with your funky photoshop-ed or coolish non-photoshop-ed photos :)

And thanks for carrying for my “fetish” for Swedish, and giving me a link to YouTube’s Swedish Bare Necessities. All the way from Finland, where you miss your “ciorbă de burtă”. Though – yuck! For the Swedish version, that is :)

* Post Scriptum

how come no avatar with Superstars!?.. Oh, yes! That’s because you wear them all day long. Btw, nice trick to leave your pink ones on the hall way, so that the girls keep bumping into them and think “Rux’s in the house!?” ;)


3 Responses to “Letter to ‘prieten drag’”

  1. Rux Says:

    este conversi dud. no avatar with my superstars cause people would copy them :D and i love this picture here and i was really pissed cause hana and another friend of mine said that i look really max-like (that stupid disco in regie) :( but i know i look guns’n’roses-ish that is very rock’n’roll glamour :D

    and instead of you’re welcome : minulla on ikava sinua!!! (ask the finnish chick :P)

  2. Andrie Says:

    no way, duuuuddee! :p she doesn’t know i’m blogging

  3. Rux Says:

    ok…since she is funny and we want to keep her like that…. it means: i miss you :D

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