Home Dinners

OK. This is getting too weird.

For a week, after we came here, we ate almost every day at Ramzes Restaurant, paying around 20 – 25 PLN for a full dinner (first course/main course/desert/drinks – every time 3 of these).

Hmm… might I say that 6 EUR for a chic meal on the main street, in a cosy atmosphere, is not at all that much?!

But for an every day meal, it can get to you.
So we decided to start cooking indoors. Bought a pan, a pot, etc.

Two days ago… we had chicken with rice and vegetables
– two chickens – 18 PLN
– rice and vegetables – 4 PLN
= 22 PLN divided by 3 ~= 7 PLN ~= 2 EUR each

Today we had some French fries with some fish fingers. All in all 9 PLN = 3 PLN each = LESS than 1 EUR each.

And I say… what the fuck?! Pardon my French!


3 Responses to “Home Dinners”

  1. Rux Says:

    ptaiiiiin koooi!!!! (and i’m not apologizing for my french…) you just pissed me off… that country is so fucking cheap!!! BUT… I get to have the most fun!!!!! :D

  2. Andrie Says:

    Pasta for today’s late lunch. Basic but perfect for me! And I don’t care if the others found them “raw”… Let them cook it if they don’t like it!
    Yummy.. with all the olive oil, butter, oregano, basil… :D
    And it could have been paradise here, and you would have still told me “I get to have the most fun!!” :D… so :-?? Just take care, “small back pack”! :)))

  3. Rux Says:

    I do get to have the most fun everywhere simply cause I’m me :D my pink karma kicks ass, of course… and good one with the small back pack! :))))

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