No comment

IMG_0192Our Finnish module-mate came.

So far, it’s not as quiet as before and our bathroom is now full of “new-ish” girlish stuff.

It’s “interesting” I would say, but it’s not the Scandinavian taste I was looking for.

One thing that we find really weird is that she’s locking the door every time she enters or leaves the room!!! Nice!

It says much about trust. Don’t you think?

So far a Hi here, a Hi there… I wonder where’s the Scandinavian “Hello people!” with a small smile, and yelling “I-fear-nothing” ?


2 Responses to “No comment”

  1. Sini Says:

    Just found your blog.
    Oh, Andrei! I lock my door… I don’t know why. It’s just a habit. Not because I don’t trust my neighbours! (Maybe because I want to jump around naked in my room. :D)
    I will comment more.

  2. Andrie Says:

    =))))))) nice!

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