It’s looking better already! =)

IMG_0176So yesterday we were at the official dinner party. It was nice. A bit of a weird scenario with the staff at a smaller table, and then the students at the other two tables. I’m not making any fuss about it :) it’s just that I had a flashback of how things are done some place else ;)

The club that we have been to, Fanaberya, had quite a weird music and we noticed that it had an entrance fee – not happening at Kalinska or Honey Bunny =)) What a name for a club!

I guess that until 1 AM, there were only two new songs, plus songs like Akcent’s (Romanian band) or E-type’s or, or, or… There were songs that I haven’t been listening for ages!!! Felt like living in the 90s, but not just listening to its music. Being in the position to dance – I didn’t :) It felt too weird. I’m not that old to dance on oldies =)

But, like this photo, there was something “red” during the night. Spent some time having a mildly childish conversation with “a beauty” =)) Felt really good for lifting up my spirits, though I have no chance with her :p Maybe in an Armani suite or who knows? I don’t know what she means by “high standards” :)

I have understood one reason that might be true for Polish people not speaking English. Youth! – Due to the differences in the topic, they are quite afraid of speaking in English. Could be, but still, in shops people are not even understanding, and that should be a basic thing for a nation that doesn’t have dubbed movies, right?

Well, I’m glad she is not afraid to speak, but she speaks really well anyway :) Though she thinks Swedish is not that much of a nice language, so we might have a fight now then over this. Är jag rätt, Angelika?

Past the gibberish and the flirts, today we had another UP. We went to a nearby supermarket that is cheap, and has mostly everything, except good wine – but that is something usual around here, I’m afraid :(. They have only stupid Californian, French, Bulgarian, German, etc. They even have Moldavian wine!! But no Romanian, no Czech… I’ll probably start trying Argentinian wine and maybe Spanish… but the other ones – no thanks!

So E.Leclerc is our new shopping-home :D It’s the perfect “shop around the corner” ;)

Not to mention that we were so happy to have the cashier-lady speaking in English and also smiling! So far we had only some smiling ladies, but no English. It was always like… something in Polish, then “I’m sorry. I don’t speak Polish.” and then just a big “Ohhh” and a smile in return.

And we had quite a nice meal with only 7 PLN each. Tomorrow we’ll just need to get some pots and other kitchen tools, and we’re set! Wait til you meet Chef Andrei :p

Later Edit
The guys (Erasmus students) in Finland went into a club, and there people were listening to Akcent as well. Loosers!!! The Finnish, not my buddies, that is!


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