IMG_0114Yesterday, it was the best moment so far. At Corporate Finance Management, the teacher was genuinely interested in giving us informal details about Lodz, and also he knew some stuff about Romania.

But the strangest thing to hear was the reason why Lodz looks sometimes as ruins. Whether it is like this or not, I don’t know but his reason was that many buildings are without a known owner. Thus the state doesn’t have any property over it in order to sell it or demolish it, nor do they have an owner in order to press charges in order to bring it to a good status.

But I tell you that it is not a fine first impression, and it does continue – feels like living in a much more poorly managed country than Romania, to tell you the truth.

I’m thinking that maybe this lack of criticism that should come from the Polish people has to do with the fact that after their communist regime came down, they were more honest and caring with themselves. Whilst in Romania, some people just go richer and richer, therefore the social middle class was and still is quite small, having lots of those who should be in the middle class in the lower class, asking for their righteous place.

Almost in the center of the town, this is how it looks. Can you believe it? I cannot believe my eyes sometimes.




2 Responses to “Ruins”

  1. Rux Says:

    imi plac culorile la camera asta…valeu… can’t wait to get one myself :D (nu ca a ta, chill)

  2. Andrie Says:

    da, scoate niste poze faine.. si cred ca abia am folosit 10% din ce poate duce :D

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