Polish Course – Dlaczego do kurwy nędzy??

IMG_0179Yesterday’s Polish class was a bit unexpected. I found myself learning some phrases and repeating their pronunciation in chorus.

I immediately connected to learning a new language by ear, or just by using a computer-aided programme.

Why shouldn’t there be any grammar knowledge involved in the course? Why should we just learn some phrases because we will find them useful?

Why should we learn a new language to get through our day-to-day needs in Lodz, a town where only at Ramzes (our favorite and mostly – unique – restaurant) you can talk clearly in English? (Not a joke. Like for instance… there’s another restaurant with an American taste, called Rooster, with girls that were butt-tight short pants and breasty shirts, but guess what – no English)

Why shouldn’t we learn very basic Polish by means of logic, so that maybe sometime we can use this knowledge in another way? And also be able to get around – in a strictly basic way – in a widely-spread language in the city? If I haven’t posted this yet, well be aware that only once did I find a person who asked “Sprachen Sie Deutsch?” so I gather that they don’t speak that much German either…

* dlaczego do kurwy nędzy = why the hell


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