Are Polish people that crippled?!

IMG_0181I can’t help but notice that in a week of staying in Lodz, I have seen an average of 2 people EVERY DAY walking with a stick (I can’t remember the medical word) to help them walk.

Either they keep hurting their feet on the trashy streets of Lodz (believe me that from now on I’ll love the Romanian pedestrian side and roads), either they just had a lot of them and they gave them for free. Who knows?

For all I know, it is scary to see so many “crippled people” of all ages.

* Post Scriptum

At the photography course today, we were told that because of the communism regime here, Polish people are not that fond of seeing people with photo cameras. They see it as a mean of spying, though if you have a professional camera, meaning big camera, they come and ask you “When is it going to be on TV?”.

I find that strange to say the least, and I doubt it’s truthfulness. Though again, who knows the real truth? In a city where you can only talk to other new-comers (the other Erasmus students), Marta, who is mostly busy at the dormitory’s reception, then Agata, who is busy at the Erasmus Office at WSHE, and Gosia, my friend in Krakow who is always mesmerized by some things that I find in Lodz, you can’t actually distinguish the truth, can you? It is probably this lack of communication that put my high spirits down about learning about Polish day-to-day life and learning a bit of Polish :(


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