February 22nd


“Why don’t Polish people learn English so that we don’t have to learn Polish?!”

We had a first Polish lesson today, and with all the sh, shj, sz, etc. we were all (all = Romanians) finding it too funny and we were laughing-out-loud. At some point, George, with his “straight-forward the-hell-with-it” attitude, asked the question that maybe all three of us had on our mind.

Answer: “Well, you know…”

And while it’s ending was not that nice (“Then we won’t come to Poland the second time.”) is was highlighting a bit the stressful situation we find ourselves in. Having no communication with the Polish people in Lodz, it is hard to make this town a temporary home.

I’ll be in Krakow quite soon, and I’ll see if it is the same there as in Lodz.

At least today we found out that we were completely wrong assuming that Lodz is like the 3rd most developed/important city in Poland, after Warsaw and Krakow. Our Corporate-finance-management told us that in fact it is more like the 6th, even if it is the second considering its inhabitants. Therefore, the consequences!


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