In peace

IMG_0090I have this thing… if I don’t feel easy in “my place” then it’s like I’m not alive. Period.

And it seemed like that in the beginning. At least when I saw the single room. Now, after a couple of days in Łódź, it all seems like the pieces of the puzzle are dropping down in their correct place.

For now, it feels like the room is exactly like in Bucharest. It has that “kind of home” feeling. I guess that’s why I took all of my clothes and left them on my bed =) In a “it’s mine and I do what I want with it” way :p

Yeah, yeah… we have the windows a bit weird, but it’s not like there’s a nice view outside – only blocks of flats unfortunately. And the sun isn’t that generous these days, so we don’t need the windows so far.

I’m only wondering… if our room looks like this, whilst we are quite clean, then how do the other rooms look like?! :p I’m just naughty!


One Response to “In peace”

  1. Rux Says:

    dud, seriously now: stii ca “dezordinea” asta (mega-organizata de altfel; come on… sigur stii ce si unde cati cm se ridica puloverul deasupra patului si cat de bine da puloverul galben cu husa de la camera pt ca altfel nu ai fi …mmm…tu!) nu va tine mult. e asa de… pus amprenta, de insemnat oleaca locul dupa care you’ll get your fucking shit together.

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