February 16th

“Uge” is huge! =))

“Ugi” is a transliteration in English of Łódź :p

Yesterday evening we wanted (actually NEEDED) to eat something after the whole nightmare trip and we thought “Ok, let’s go downtown and we’ll definitely find something good there!”

And we started to ask for some directions, we already knew how to get there, which streets to follow, but we didn’t know exactly where we are. And we didn’t want to take any bus or tram since it was already dark, and knowing when to get off from a bus, in the dark, it’s quite a thrill =)

But Marta was like “What? You want to walk all the way? It’s like one hour, one hour and a half… “

How can it be since on the map it says exactly 3.4 km?! :) Anyway, we ended up downtown in ~40 minutes, and that without having secure steps!


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