Warsaw Etiuda Airport


It was quite disappointing to reach Etiuda (Terminal 3 of the Warsaw Airport) and…

  1. To get thoroughly checked at the customs, though it was simply just an internal EU trip. I’m sure that if the Customs Office knew English, I would have had a nice interrogatory.
  2. There’s no exchange office in Etiuda.
  3. There’s no connection between the Terminals. You have to go walking outside (and when you carry quite a lot, and outside there are barely 2 degrees, it’s not that nice). I won’t talk about the status of the pavement! Prepare to carry your suitcase if you want it intact with all the wheels rolling after this.
  4. The guy at the Information Office in Terminal 2 (no Information Office inside Etiuda, just a Tourism Info Office) spoke English with difficulty and didn’t get the fact that I was talking about Łódź (I said it in English and in “my” Polish as well, but eventually I had to write the name on my cell phone screen), nor that I was talking about a bus to Łódź! (He asked me… “A flight to Łódź?”). And no bells rang when he heard Polski Express (the big company that does trips from the airport to all major cities)
  5. The airport as an overall seemed like a very confusing place, at least for new-comers.
  6. Interesting enough that a cab driver who offered to drive us to Łódź was speaking English better than any other person inside the airport!

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