Arad, Romania

Logical Glossary: I was (until 1 hour ago) in Arad, Romania. Cătălin’s hometown (you may often see his name as Cătă). Since I’m from Galaţi, Eastern Romania, we decided that I should get to Arad and then both get on a low-cost flight from Budapest, Hungary.

It was my first time in Arad. Stayed there for 1 day after a 13 hours trip by train from Galaţi.

It’s a weird combination of old and new. But anyway you put it, I brought the sun into that town :p (it rained until I arrived). And the amazing thing was that there were quite many nice girls. We were wondering around the town in search for camera case for my new digital camera, and we cannot resist to gaze at some girls =)

Time definitely passes by in a different manner 1000 km West of my hometown!

All in all, I look forward to get back to Arad in summer, on my return from Łódź! (the girls I’ve seen will take care of my enthusiasm until then :p )

Just so you know – the flight Budapest-Warsaw is only 37euros. I’ll pay 10 euros extra for the second luggage =) But still very cheap!

PS: writings of the trip to Budapest


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