BRD GSG* Romania / ING Bank Romania

* = Banca Română pentru Dezvoltare (Development Bank of Romania) Group Société Générale

Today was a very weird day!

First of all there was a “funny” event at my bank. Today was the day when we received the money from the Erasmus Scholarship and the Phrase programme. Romania currently has a bid in order to gain more money for the Erasmus students that get a scholarship as well. So, for example out of 1050 Euros for each month, that I get, 425.01 Euros are given through a Phare End-User Support Programme meant to make the financial gap smaller for Romanian students.

The funny thing was that the ING Office in Arad had a problem with the Internet connection. Thus the Self Banking machines weren’t working. The connection went dead while I was checking my accounts, so my card got blocked. Only one comment: how is it possible that a bank has only one Internet connection, and also what was the point of the Office Manager to call to the emergency number in Bucharest and tell that guy that there Internet is down?! Don’t answer it. Retoric question!

Then, there’s another “funny” (killing funny!) thing with BRD GSG.

Our university has its accounts with BRD GSG, so they are taking care of all the tranzactions to the students’ bank accounts.

I don’t know yet why, but every student that had the EUR account with another bank misses 40 Euros per transaction. So with each transaction you loose 40 Euros! It’s a huge loss, considering that there will be 4 transactions (we are getting the money two times, but each time there is a transaction from the Erasmus scholarship account, and another one from the Phrare bid account. So… I will lack 160 Euros.

And I ask myself… WHY??? Why weren’t we notified about this? This is by far not a “normal” bank fee for a transfer!

So… I wonder if the National Agency or the European Commision knows how European money is spent! We are at least 12 out of 16 Erasmus students with scholarships this year at the Romanian-American University, so… 12 * 160 = 1920 Euros going to BRD GSG Romania! Pretty nice sum!

I will have to inform my university about this, and seek a way out of this for the next money transfer, but I will go through with my will to inform everybody about this! Everybody means every level of administration that was involved in this financial situation.


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