First Post

I won’t answer the question why, how or when I started this blog since it’s quite obvious.

Why did I began writing on a new blog?!
Just for Rux’s peace of mind :) Certainly not for

it’s cool to have <I’m also blogging on… > on my personal blog’s sidebar

Lots of reasons can be put up front: another design, another web address, etc.

But the main reason is that I felt like this is a chapter of posts and not a category of posts. I get more and more far away from posting on my personal blog, so I’ll keep to my main idea for that one: IT geekery, etc.


3 Responses to “First Post”

  1. Rux Says:

    nici macar nu ti l-ai adaugat la “i also blog on…” valeu… :)

  2. Andrie Says:

    english please :p
    yes, i didn’t add this one on my sidebar section “i also blog on”, on my personal blog website… big deal!

  3. Rux Says:

    it is for you! small steps… all those mumbo-jumbo-let’s-speak-about-life-and-public-speeches will have an effect on you :) bubu mare (try saying that in english :P) won’t get that much attention any more… i already feel sad…not! you go with those polish chicks!

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